Flash Bounce Cards for Sony mirrorless cameras

Compatible with Sony a6500 (ILCE-6500), a6300 (ILCE-6300), a6000 (ILCE-6000) and NEX-6 (CX76060C, NEX6)

Flash Bounce Cards Photographer

The Flash Bounce Card is an innovative product created to help you make the images you shoot with your popup flash as good as possible.

Created by a professional photographer the Flash Bounce Cards fits into the hot shoe and holds the flash rotated upward allowing it to bounce off surfaces.

Create More Dynamic Portraits by bouncing and diffusing the light!

A simple tool with great results, light, compact and easy to carry.

Compliment your subjects by bouncing light: bounce off the ceiling for softer light or bounce off the wall for side lightning.

The popup flash can be quickly moved to front position for direct flash or behind the bounce card for softer lighting.

Three flash bounce cards are included: Clear, Amber and Translucent White.

When placed in the flash hot shoe, the photographer can quickly move the flash position in front of or behind the bounce card.

Flash behind the card: redirecting the light

Flash Bounce Cards: redirecting the light

Flash in front of the card: direct light

Flash Bounce Cards: direct light

The card is easily slid into the hotshoe and can be positioned (forward to rear) for consistent flash bounce angles.

The Clear card bounces the majority of light while the Translucent White card bounces about 60% with 40% directed toward the subject.

The Translucent White card itself acts as a light source giving sufficient fill with the influence of bounce.

The Amber card matches the RoscoSun CTO gel and adds a warming tone to the image.

Made in the USA, 1 year warranty.

Sample results

Flash Bounce Cards: direct light

Direct flash

Flash Bounce Cards: with the white bounce card

Using the white bounce card

Flash Bounce Cards: direct light

Direct flash

Flash Bounce Cards: with the transparent card

Using the transparent bounce card

Flash Bounce Cards: direct light

Direct flash

Flash Bounce Cards: bouncing the light from the top

Bounced off the ceiling

What other customers think about the Flash Bounce Cards

Great Solution
I like these little devices. A very cool adjunct for what would otherwise be a useless built in flash.
– Rick R.

Good value pack
Easy to use and makes a notable difference, especially in indoor photography. Also small and light so they are very easy to slip into a camera bag and not worry about.
– Carl F.

A must-buy for the a6000!
These cards are fantastic! We bought an a6000 last week and have been thrilled with it. Our only issue with it has been the flash. While it does the job, it does visibly bounce the flash off of the subjects when taking pictures. We've generally been taking pictures of our baby who doesn't stop moving. In order to get the fast shutter speed in the lower-light conditions, we were looking for some way to help us get better results with the flash. Rather than buy an expensive, bulky flash for the hot-shoe, I saw someone post about how much of a difference these cards can make. For the price, we decided we had to give it a shot. We've put them to the test and have been blown away by the results! It's so simple but our pictures look much better!
– John D.

Great Solution
These little cards just save me a bunch of money from not having to acquire an external flash. I use the white one if there is no ceiling or if it's too high. Otherwise, the clear version is true full bouncer which yields great result. I just wish the onboard flash had more power to extend the range.
– Eric Z.

VERY WELL MADE, work great, and for some users, may even negate the need for an external flash
Judging from the product photos, I expected these "cards" to be flimsy, bendable plastic. I was pleasantly surprised to find them to be of a heavy, MUCH thicker than anticipated, lucite type sort of material. They are so thick I would not describe them as "cards" at all. They fit perfectly by sliding them onto the hot shoe, and they hold the flash upward, allowing me to not have to use my finger to try and keep it positioned correctly while shooting.
Someone put a lot of thought into this design, and they pulled it off marvelously.
I will still want to add an external flash to my gear bag later on the down the road, but these little gadgets will allow me to put off that purchase for awhile because with them, 90% of my flash needs are met!
– Sandy W.

Awesome Product
Love this, I had issue with built in flash with Tamron 18-200mm lens as it sticks out too far and whenever I used built-in flash lower left will come out dark, or if I manually adjust flash to aim higher it resulted in top portion of image coming out bright where as bottom portion was bit darker. With this pictures came out clean and great color. Love this and definitely recommend it for all A6000 Users
– JJ W.

Simple concept, indispensable item
These little inserts are really useful. This is the type of thing you might order on a whim because it is small and inexpensive and you think you might use it at some point that eventually becomes something you use on an almost-daily basis.
– Elizabeth R.

Five Stars
Love these reflectors/diffusers. This works perfectly! Nice alternative to purchasing expensive flashes.
– War H.

Amazing effect for such a small price
Totally worth what I paid for them. Plus they are so small, they fit in my bag and I carry them everywhere. The amber one produces lovely warm photos and is my favorite.
– George V.

Awesome invention! A great tool to improve the flash glare
I use the a6300 and I have to say that after running some tests I am really happy with the results these simple little cards do. I highly recommend it as an alternative to the fancy attachable flash devices if your subject isn't to far away. Try it yourself and save money!
– Ben G.

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The camera is NOT included in the shipment, you will receive an envelope with the three Bounce Cards and instructions in the following languages: English, French, Español, Deutsch and Italian.

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